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Since 2012 the Future Media Lab. is an open forum that brings together media professionals, tech innovators, journalists and policy makers to create a new level of knowledge and unique insights at the interface of media- and tech innovation and public policy.


06 Jan 17 0

In this edition of the Future Media Lab. News Round-up Karin Fleming looks at the future of Europe's copyright reform, the invincibility of U.S. tech giants and the fights they're up against in Europe, and how faking news is getting easier with advanced AI technology.

23 Dec 16 0

In this edition of the Future Media Lab. News Round-up Karin Fleming looks at who's predicting what for the new year, privacy in the digital age, and the changing roles in the European Commission.

09 Dec 16 0

In this week's news round-up, Karin looks into how social media sites and search camouflage fake news to look like the real thing, asks whether tech giants have democratic obligations to share data, and what start-ups who work in newsrooms are saying.


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2 May 2017

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16 Nov 2016

AVMS reform – a media regulatory framework fit for purpose for Europe’s press publishers?

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27 Sep 2016

Press Freedom in Europe: Is it time to raise the alarm?

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