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In touch with innovation: talking to isnotTV

Wednesday, June 28, 2017      Future Media Lab. team       0


The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog with a series of Q&A’s that were conducted with media start-ups from across Europe. In this edition, we spoke with Jaime J.Candau, the founder of isnotTV in Spain. isnotTV is a content SaaS (Software as a Service) start-up about Movies & Series that powers the entertainment section of the some of the biggest newspapers in Europe.


Future Media Lab.: What is the main idea behind your startup?

Jaime J. Candau: An effortless solution to help newspapers create and monetise content around Movies & Series.


FMLab.: What observation kicked off your project?

J.J.C: isnotTV started as a B2C Social Platform about Movies & Series, we soon realised the content and engagement tools we had, could easily be used in any newspaper. This creates a win-win for everyone: The newspaper can offer readers more quality relevant content, and isnotTV can reach millions of users.


FMLab.: What is your added value to media companies in content curation/dissemination/monetization?

J.J.C: We help create engaging quality content (specifically, about Movies & Series). That's proven extremely valuable for the readers, and hence for media companies overall. If you think about it, it all starts with relevant content, and that's what we are good at.


FMLab.: How (if at all) could established media companies and innovative startups/projects best collaborate over content creation?

J.J.C: From what we have seen working with companies like MH:N, Bauer, HuffingtonPost or PRISA, every level of management seems to be well aware of the current challenges and opportunities, but it is an internal struggle to push through any innovation.

Startups already have ready user-centric products that add huge value to the end user, but it is a real struggle to navigate through the internal politics of big media companies. Whereas startups are good at innovating, we tend to fail at big old company politics.


FMLab.: What is your next big challenge/goal?

J.J.C: Break those barriers to innovation. So far, every single newspapers we have approached likes isnotTV's win-win proposition, but there is huge resistance to change. In an ever evolving world, it will not be the biggest companies that survive, but those who are able to innovate fast enough.



Editor’s note: The Future Media Lab. recently teamed up with next media accelerator to publish a compendium of start-ups from across Europe who are working on solving some of the challenges facing the media sector today, particularly around content creation, monetization, dissemination and curation. Many of the start-ups were present to ‘pitch’ their solutions at the Future Media Lab. annual conference , which took place in Brussels on 2 May 2017. A digital version of the compendium is available for download (pdf) here.

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