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19 May 17 0

In this edition of the Future Media Lab. news round-up, Karin Fleming looks into how Europe's media companies are experimenting with different business models online, discovery widgets on publishers sites and the Commission's mid-term review of the DSM strategy

18 May 17 0

The Future Media Lab. team is continuing our “In touch with innovation” series on our blog with a series of Q&A’s that were conducted with media start-ups from across Europe. In this edition, we spoke with Diana Rus, Publishers Relations UK at Opinary in Germany. Opinary is a venture-backed media start-up that established a new way to make people’s voices heard in online content. Their technology helps publishers and brands to get into conversations with their audiences, listen to their users and build a closer relationships with target groups.

15 May 17 0

MEP Michal Boni shares a transcript of the introductory speech he gave to the World Café session at the 2017 Future Media Lab. annual conference, which took place in Brussels on 2 May.

05 May 17 0

In this week's news round-up, Karin looks at the importance of celebrating press freedom across the world (even as it's in decline), dealing with digital intermediaries and how to pop the (filter) bubble.

27 Apr 17 0

Jane Whyatt, Project Manager for the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, explores the fake news pitfalls in today's media landscape and how quality journalism can play a role in countering it.

14 Apr 17 0

In this week's news round-up Karin Fleming looks at the how the digital ecosystem threatens high-quality news and information, what platforms are doing to combat fake news, and how the ePrivacy proposal in the European Commission could give a lot of power to browsers.

31 Mar 17 0

In this week's news round-up, Karin looks at how advertisers are moving towards adding humans back into the automated ad mix, talks on whistleblower protection are happening at EU-level and why fake news is good for business.

28 Mar 17 0

Garrett Goodman, director of business development for EMEA at Wochit, catches up with Marc Pedeau, head of social media at to see how they work with social video.

24 Mar 17 0

Patrice Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer at the Media Development Investment Fund, shares his thoughts on how philanthropy can respond to the threats civic media faces today.

17 Mar 17 0

In this week's news round-up, Karin Fleming, Communications Manager at the Future Media Lab. looks into how the EU copyright reform could threaten Europe's press, the era of digital exceptionalism and how to get a balanced media diet.

16 Mar 17 0

MEP Ramon Tremosa i Balcells shares details about his trip to Silicon Valley with his team, which took place from 6-10 March 2017.

10 Mar 17 0

Gal Shyli, Wibbitz, provides some tips on how to make sure publishers aren't promoting fake news stories when creating video content.

03 Mar 17 0

In this edition of the Future Media Lab. News Round-up Caterina Sosso looks into the future of funding journalism, keeping comments civil and brand identity in the digital age.

02 Mar 17 0

Sarah Hughes, Content Marketing Manager at Wibbitz, introduces the Wibbitz Publisher Report: Winning Strategies for Digital Video.