In the digital era, accessing content and information has never appeared so easy. Digital platforms – such as news aggregators, search engines, app stores, and social media – increasingly help people to find, navigate, rank, organize, select, share, and access information online. They have the potential to transform – and are already changing – the consumption of media content and the way in which citizens can engage with politics and society.




  • 16 JUNE 2015

Event Summary

The third Future Media Lounge session, “Data and the Future of Media” took place on 16 June 2015 in the European Parliament. The session brought together a diverse range of policymakers, media experts, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on the eve of the trialogue discussions on the proposed Data Protection Regulation.

The processing of data is vital for various aspects of media businesses, from the journalistic research and investigation needed to produce professional content, to the marketing of subscriptions and advertising, which are essential revenue streams ensuring the sustainability of media businesses. Today, data has increasingly become a catalyst for business innovation across sectors, and the media are investing into new business models and formulating data-oriented strategies. But they also face challenges – either from the market or from the regulatory environment – which can eventually hamper media innovation.

This session provided the opportunity for media experts and policymakers to sit together and discuss the how the proposed reform of the EU Data Protection rules could have a direct impact on the media’s editorial and business activities.

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This event was moderated by David Earnshaw, President and Senior Advisor of Burson-Marsteller in Brussels and hosted by the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) on behalf of Andrew Lewer, MBE MEP.


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